Andy Grove On The Confident Leader

from the decisions-don't-wait dept

A great interview of Andy Grove done by Clayton Christensen and Walter Kiechel talking about a variety of issues that companies face today. Grove talks about how company leaders have to make big decisions based on intuition – and how it often helps for the founder of the company to be in charge, since they have a better intuitive feel for the company and the decisions that need to be made. He also points out that while those sorts of strategic decisions can’t wait for detailed data analysis – operational decisions should be based on sophisticated data analysis. The discussion then ranges over to the issue of stock options – where he points out the problem isn’t stock options themselves, but how they’re assigned. If top management has the majority of stock options, then the incentives aren’t aligned properly. However, if they’re more evenly distributed, companies are more likely to act with a single focus.

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