Computer Bugs A Software Upgrade Won't Fix

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I’m not known for being particularly neat in my work area, but I’ve never heard about real live bugs making their home in computers. Apparently, it does happen quiet often, which makes sense if you think about it. There’s plenty of space for a bug, there’s a nice heat source, and there are usually crumbs or other sources of food nearby (assuming the owner eats at his or her computer – as many people do). Of course, this goes back to the original reason why computer “bugs” are called bugs, when a real live bug was found in an early computer having problems (though, nowadays, people say that the term “bug” actually predated that event).

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Comments on “Computer Bugs A Software Upgrade Won't Fix”

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Jason Cook says:

Re: Bugs? I've had bigger problems

I’ve had the same thing happen. A box was running really slowly one day, after a reboot I noticed not all the ram was being reported. I opened the box up and found that a mouse had urinated all over the ram chips, as well as most of the rest of the machine. Oh, and there will little pellets everywhere.

The little bugger had managed to squeze through an open expansion port, leaving a little bit of fur caught in the opening.

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