Yahoo Plays With Search And Syntax

from the making-search-more-useful dept

Most of the recent stories about Yahoo’s changing search engine focused on how it’s a cleaner interface – similar to Google’s. However, a more interesting aspect is how they’re trying to

better understand what you’re searching for, and provide you the content you need immediately. For example, if you search for a map of something, they might immediately give you such a map, instead of just a link to the map. Of course, Google does this as well, such as with their (unfairly maligned) phone search capabilities. Some people wonder, though, if users really want to “understand” the syntax needed to do these searches. The good thing, is that they really don’t have to in many cases. Google and Yahoo are learning to interpret searches – and doing a fairly good job of it. As long as they provide an easy out to let you do a regular search if they interpret your intentions incorrectly, I think this is exactly where search engines should be heading. If they can get you to the information one step quicker, then I don’t see why anyone should be upset.

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