Hot Spots and Fast Food: The Bets Are On

He’s a short article from a guy wishing he had placed a bet last year when he had predicted that one day, McDonald’s would offer WiFi. He says that, so far, the early results are positive for McDonalds and other eateries that offer WiFi. Near the end of the article, he also talks about a regional ISP in Pennsylvania that is setting up thousands of hotspots. Right now they’re not charging anything for them, but they’re going to start offering them as an “add-on” for existing ISP customers at $10/month. At that rate it’s almost reasonable if you travel enough and the hotspot coverage is wide enough. Either way, anyone in the commercial hotspot business should take notice that competition is out there looking to drag your prices down… So, any revenue predictions you’re making, should be made with much lower subscription fees in mind.

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