Mobile Marketing Catches On

from the please-don't dept

And so it begins. Here come the apologists claiming that mobile messaging isn’t spam and (of course) is a “great marketing opportunity”. While it sounds like the specific company that is profiled in the article really is sending messages to opt-in subscribers, the level of hype already spewing forth from the guy is a bit scary… These sorts of messages may work in a few specific cases early on – but when your mobile phone is constantly chirping at you to watch the latest commercial its sent you, it’s not going to seem like so much fun. Once again, it appears that advertisers are focusing on how to overwhelm people with material, rather than figure out ways to get them a limited amount of relevant information.

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Comments on “Mobile Marketing Catches On”

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1 Comment
thecaptain says:


It just shows that the “spam works” Mentality is not only alive and well, but catching on.

Marketting execs (a.k.a souless coked up morons) see return on ad campaigns dwindling because relentless marketting annoys people…so their answer is to do MORE marketting so that the returns come back up to their levels…

Basically the more we get pissed off, the more we ignore ads, the more we’ll get. Gotta love that logic.

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