MMS Wireless Will Lack Real Content

I still don’t fully understand the reasoning behind arguments like the following one. People are worried that MMS will be a failure because there won’t be any content from major content producers due to a lack of digital rights management technology to prevent people from passing the content on to one another. As far as I’m concerned, that’s backwards thinking. People should want their content to be passed on via MMS. That’s what will make MMS worthwhile! If they can’t pass it on, you’ve taken away plenty of the value. Furthermore, this view assumes that the main reason people will use MMS will be to pass on conent created by major content creators – as opposed to self-created content. It’s really looking down at the ability of users to create their own content. Most of the success of things like SMS and the web itself are because it allowed anyone to create their own content. MMS should be no different.

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