Yahoo Looking To Bring Folks Back From Google

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For quite a long time Yahoo was famous for keeping its front page amazingly simple. While it was never as simple and uncluttered as Google, it was pretty straightforward. That all changed when Yahoo plunged into their desperate grab for advertising dollars. Now, as they restructure a strategy to take surfers away from Google, they’re going back to

simplifying their website. They’re removing many of the banner ads (or at least moving them to non-search sites) as well as trying to tie some of their actual content to search results – to offer a broader set of results than would be found just using Google. For example, if someone does a search on “Yankees scores”, it would also return links to content pages at Yahoo about the Yankees. Of course, others have tried this in the past (most notably, Excite) and it didn’t seem to do much good. The problem is, until there’s a really compelling reason to leave Google, not many people seem willing to change. Of course, Yahoo wouldn’t have had to deal with all of this, if they had stayed true to their “simple” web belief from the early days.

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