Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner To Steal Coins

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Here’s a random one. A guy in Sweden was apparently arrested after stealing coins out of a parking meter using a vacuum cleaner. Clearly, he had planned this out pretty thoroughly – though, he forgot to think about the conspicuousness of plugging in a vacuum cleaner on the street and sticking the hose into an opened parking meter. The guy apparently stole a set of keys to the parking meters, and then plugged in his vacuum cleaner into the (conveniently placed on the meters themselves) outlet in order to suck up all the coins. Not surprisingly, it didn’t take long for this odd event to attract the attention of local police who stopped the man as he tried to get away with the equivalent of about $260 in coins in his pockets.

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Comments on “Man Uses Vacuum Cleaner To Steal Coins”

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Bryan Price says:

An even easier way...

Become a meter maid that collects the money. Bust your ass to get the work done in half the time, then spend the free time you know have bilking half of the money that you then collected. It’s kind of tough to actually cash in a few thousand dollars in quarters, dimes and nickels, but evidently a couple of men in Columbus, Ohio thought it was worth it. Until they got caught!

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