Google Inks Amazon To Comprehensive Search And Advertising Deal

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I’m being a little misleading in the topic choice for this post, as I actually think this story is being underhyped (something you’re not likely to hear me say very often). Not many people have made a really big deal about Google’s plans to put advertising on content sites, but now that they’ve announced a

deal to do so with, people should start to think about how this could fundamentally shift the way online advertising works. Unlike other claims in the past from online ad placement companies talking about “targeted” ads – Google really does have everything it takes to provide exceptionally targeted, non-annoying advertising. Putting those ads, then, on an actual e-commerce site, should be interesting. What if it allows Barnes & Noble to put their own ads on Amazon’s pages? Either way, I’m beginning to wonder why anyone would bother with any other type of advertising these days.

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Comments on “Google Inks Amazon To Comprehensive Search And Advertising Deal”

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Dan (user link) says:

It is a problem

I think it is great that google is able to provide targetted ads but the problem you point out is a valid one.

It seems more webmasters who belong to the ad networks that show google ads, are starting to realize that the google ads are advertising their competitors. A couple have stated they won’t show them because of this.

Personally I don’t care as money is money and I just show them on a humor site I have.

It will be interesting to see what happens in amazon’s case.

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