AOL Dial-Up Accounts Expected To Dwindle

from the not-good-for-business dept

Last quarter was the first time that AOL announced that all total, they had a net loss on new subscribers to their dialup offerings. So, it hasn’t been a huge surprise that they’ve (finally) realized they need to start promoting the hell out of their broadband offerings (though, it may be too little, too expensive, too late). Now, they’re finally admitting that they expect the number of dialup cusotmers to continue to drop over time. Of course, it doesn’t take a genius to predict such things. The real question remains as to why it’s taken them so long to realize this. Most people would have predicted this years ago.

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Comments on “AOL Dial-Up Accounts Expected To Dwindle”

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1 Comment
Chris says:

I wonder if this is really the first quarter net subscribers have dropped, or just the first quarter they have felt it necessary to report accurately. For a while, anybody that activated a free disc and used it once was counted, and I think all of Sun’s employees that had free accounts were getting counted too.

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