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Bets Are On For Online Gamers

from the how-much-do-you-want-to-bet-they-get-sued? dept

If you thought playing online games and getting to virtually kill both friends and strangers was getting a little stale, how about if you started to wager a little money on the outcome? That’s right, you can now put your wallet where your trigger thumb is, and set up a wager when playing “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” online. Players can set the amount that they want to wager for every wound or kill, and then are expected to pay that amount after the game ends. As you might imagine, such wagering is currently illegal in a number of states. As the federal government continues to worry about online gambling, it may not be long for the US at all. So, if you want to start shooting for money (or get shot and lose money) you probably should start playing now.

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