A New Cross-IM Offering

from the when-will-the-big-companies-wake-up dept

Endeavors Technology has finally launched their software for instant messaging compatibility. In a crafty workaround, they claim they’ve figured out how to let users of AOL’s and Microsoft’s instant messaging products talk to each other without violating either company’s networks. The way it works is by using a P2P middleman to handle the communications. The article is a little unclear in how the product actually works, and Endeavors website isn’t particularly forthcoming with information either. While the article compares the solution to Trillian, it seems clear that Endeavors is going after the corporate market instead. Of course, all of this would become moot if the various IM providers realized that people want to be able to communicate with each other without having run twenty different IM clients. It’s still amazing to me that the various companies (mainly AOL, Microsoft and Yahoo) haven’t agree on a single IM standard.

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