Microsoft Limits Hotmail To Stop Spam

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Well, here’s yet another misguided attempt at stopping spam. Microsoft has announced that Hotmail will now limit the number of emails you can send out to 100 per day. Now, that sounds like plenty for most people, but if you’re trying to send out an invitation or news or something important, you could very quickly use up your 100 message limit. Again, this is a solution that unfairly places the burden on users, but will do little to nothing to actually stop the spread of spam. Spammers have their own tools for sending out spam, and (while they may use hotmail return addresses) very few are are actually logging into Hotmail and sending their spam out from Hotmail email accounts.

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Comments on “Microsoft Limits Hotmail To Stop Spam”

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Renea says:

limit on emails????

Wow when did this start i have alot of friends and send them all out at the same time… so i am only able to send out two emails a day that is tough to take…… As i understand the problem with spammers i have thousands of emails daily in my email box and they r mostly spammers but how long is this going to be in effect or does anyone really know………… cus this is really unfair on the emailers that are honest and not a spam sender at all…. Dont mean to complain as i know u get your share of that just wondering if there is any hope for the normal emailing to come back i guess is mainly my question now thanks ………… Renea

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