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Toons, Tunes Trip Piracy Alarm

Content companies looking to take advantage of the supposed coming “MMS revolution” are already scared of piracy. They’re trying to set up ways to make sure that people won’t (gasp!) be allowed to freely send content to each other without paying a toll each time. While there are already questions about whether or not MMS will really take off the way some people expect it to, this is yet another reason why adoption may be slow. Leaving systems open and letting people do what they want with them is how new technologies get adopted. The internet was adopted because it was open and people could do whatever they wanted on it. A closed proprietary system with tremendous limits (and tollbooths at every turn) will never get anywhere. It will only make people focus on using MMS for their own user-created content. The content companies may protect themselves from “piracy”, but they’ll also lose out on a huge opportunity when users simply ignore them.

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