Texas Congressman Wants To Throw File Trading College Students In Jail

from the strict-disciplinarian dept

Add Texas Rep. John Carter to the list of policiticans who just don’t get it. His latest brainstorm (supplied, I’m sure, by the folks at the RIAA) is that college kids would stop downloading music if we threw a few of them in jail as an example. Yeah, and people would stop overeating if we started shooting fat people. This is a ridiculous argument. Basically, it says in order to stop something that many people feel is perfectly legitimate, we should impose excessive and cruel punishments that don’t fit the crime. Seems like that goes against the Bill of Rights, but that document seems to mean less and less these days anyway. Carter seems to completely bypass the very important question of why so many people are downloading music if it’s so wrong that it deserves jailtime. Perhaps it isn’t so wrong and perhaps (just perhaps) it actually represents a huge opportunity for the music industry – which they continue to squander by pushing out plans to call all their customers criminals.

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Comments on “Texas Congressman Wants To Throw File Trading College Students In Jail”

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LittleW0lf says:

Indentured Servitude

Aw, Mike, don’t pick on Mr Carter, he is just doing his job. The jail system needs more quality in their slavery program, he is just adding college students to the program since the government cannot seem to get Ken and the other Enron cronies behind bars to help with their rent a professional program.

After all, if this country doesn’t have atleast half of its population behind jail, it obviously isn’t doing something right.

[Big sarcasm alert…]

Duffman says:

Hasn't worked before.

The government has been fining and jailing kids who have (and sell, but that’s a little different) pot for years. What happened? More and more people fought for its legalization. Society became more accepting.

Besides, they’re kids. Do you think an authority figure telling them to stop and punishing them will make them stop? Never stopped me. 😉

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