Text Spammer Fined ?40k

Here come the text spammers. In the uncreative mind of a spammer, it doesn’t matter that what they do pisses off users. They just see it as an easy and cheap way to try to get an immediate sale – short term gains at the expense of long term goals. Unfortunately, plenty of people think that way, so it’s no suprise to find out that text spammers are becoming a bigger issue, and are likely to continue to get worse over time. The Register is reporting that a text spammer has been fined ?40k (about $63k) for spamming people with misleading messages. At least this company could be tracked down. Hopefully, due to the way text messaging is implemented, it will always be easier to track down text spammers than email spammers, but I wouldn’t put it past spammers to figure out holes in the system.

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