Computer Virus Writers: Male, Obssessed, Lacking A Girlfriend

from the well,-what-a-surprise dept

A Reuters article that tries to create a profile of the “typical” virus writer, picks up on all the geeky stereotypes. The CEO of Sophos, an anti-virus firm, says they’re overwhelmingly male, obsessed with computers, and are (“chronically”) lacking a girlfriend, between the ages of 14 and 34. He even refers to them as “socially inadequate”. Sounds like he’s picking a fight to me.

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Comments on “Computer Virus Writers: Male, Obssessed, Lacking A Girlfriend”

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thecaptain says:

No Subject Given

He may be picking a fight…but lets face it, the juvenile antics of malicious virus writers (note: There may BE “virus-researchers” who write viruses to learn more about them…but these are few and far between…the rest are immature juvenile jerks who enjoy tearing down instead of being creative) do not give the impression of someone who is mature, well-adjusted, and confidant. These are people who think its funny to deface, disable or destroy something that belongs to someone else…

Maybe them getting laid wouldn’t be a bad thing you know?

LittleW0lf says:

Tech Workers?

I think if you took a poll of tech workers right now, you’d find a great percentage of them are also male, age 18-34, obsessed with computers, and “chronically” lacking a girlfriend.

If I was Dr. Hruska, I’d be a little careful about distancing myself from my customers with such claims…unless Sophos really isn’t interested in the Tech crowd’s business (which has been my experience of Sophos and Dr. Hruska.)

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