Radio Is Going Digital

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Just what we need: another standards battle between the US and the rest of the world. MSNBC is taking a look at digital radio, and how the US is using a standard different than the rest of the world. I still wonder about the overall future of radio itself. While the quality of digital radios may improve, I would think that as wireless data access increases, it would make more sense to do radio over IP instead of over radio waves. Clearly, that’s a bit of a ways off, but I still wonder how big a future radio itself really has.

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Comments on “Radio Is Going Digital”

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digiman says:

Re: No Subject Given

Not true. Digital Radio *ought* to sound perfect everytime but doesn’t because of the compression techniques they use. A wide spectrum FM broadcast will still sound better. (Some BBC FM broadcasts are noticeably better than their digital equivalents I’m told – personally my hearing isn’t good enough to pick that kind of thing up)

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