Tech's Love-Hate Relationship With The DMCA

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Declan McCullough has a good article talking about the technology industry’s love-hate relationship with the DMCA. Usually, you hear tech companies complaining about the DMCA, and how it holds back innovation… However, that only goes so far. The point at which the complaints end is the point at which it starts to hit the companies’ own bottom line. So, now, the BSA (the software trade association known for overinflating any number they come in contact with) is coming out against bills put forth to curb some of the more ridiculous features of the DMCA. Of course, many of the companies that are members of the BSA have come out publicly in favor of amending the DMCA – suggesting that different parts of different businesses don’t necessarily agree with each other. The BSA responds by saying that they do things by consensus, and just because some organizations don’t agree with their overall view, it doesn’t mean there’s any problem. That’s a very narrow view to take. A smart trade group wouldn’t just focus so closely on the narrow short-term view of what benefits their businesses now, and take a more holistic approach, about what will benefit the industry long term. Unfortunately, the folks who run these groups aren’t paid to think long term.

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