Google Lands First Web Search Patent

from the going-intellectual-property-crazy dept

It seems that Google is going intellectual property crazy. First they start going after trademark infringers and now they’ve

received their first search patent for their relevency system of ranking pages based on how many inbound links they have. I know I’d heard about similar systems before Google was around, so I wonder if there’s prior art? It will also be interesting to see how actively Google decides to protect their patents.

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Comments on “Google Lands First Web Search Patent”

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Anonymous Coward says:


First of all, an algorithm called HITS predates pagerank, and both are based on the interconnectivity of the web. It’s similar enough that you could describe it in the same terms from the article “improved search engine that refines a document’s relevance score based on interconnectivity of the document within a set of relevant documents.”

Second of all, Brin and Page (the founders of Google) deserve the credit–they’re the ones who made Google and Google’s original pagerank algorithm. Why does Krishna Barat get it?

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