Where Do Old Phones Go?

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To go along with the story we had a few weeks back about what people do with their old computers is this story looking at

what people do with their old mobile phones. While not as big a “waste” problem as computers, there are pleny of obsolete phones hanging around – especially since any time you switch providers (assuming you’re not using an unlocked GSM phone) you’re forced to get a new phone. It appears the popular thing to do with old phones is to donate them to charity. There are tons of charities that either give the phones out to those in need, or who make money by selling them to other charities or third world countries that want the phones. Charities that used to raise money doing things like selling cookies, are now trying to track down old mobile phones instead.

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Comments on “Where Do Old Phones Go?”

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AAMetamorphosis (user link) says:

A Good use for old cell phones ...

A Good use for old cell phones …
Seriously, I change cell phones about once a year as do my Father and brother. Consequently, we have multiple old phones. We found several uses.
1. Donate them to the charities because I’ve had the opportunity to donate several to shelters that give them out to abused people with PFA’s awiating trial that they can use to immediately report any threat.
2. Place last years model WITH a plug in battery charger in the trunk of EVERY car in your household and extended familes. Many people do not know that you can ALWAYS use a cell phone to dial 911 FREE REGARDLESS of weather or not you have phone service. This way, if Grandma gets stuck somewhere you can @ least know that she can still diall 911. Yes, take the time to teach her how.
3. Its better than leaving them collect dust in your closet … face it, who the hell on E-bay is gonna pay you for that old cell brick ?

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