TVs In SUVs Growing In Popularity

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I’ve definitely been seeing more SUVs with TVs installed in the back as I drive around these days. Apparently,

it’s being described as a “mobile video craze”. People are either getting new SUVs with TVs installed, or having them added as an after-market item. Some people are even going a bit overboard, putting multiple TVs on the backs of headrests and even in the dashboard. Actually, it sounds like people are making a special art of adding ways for the driver to watch TV. If you thought drivers on mobile phones are bad, how do you feel about a TV on the steering wheel or taking over a portion of the rearview mirror?

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Comments on “TVs In SUVs Growing In Popularity”

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Chris (user link) says:

No Subject Given

This is a lifesaver for parents. We used to strap a portable TV/VCR combo between the seats in our SUV. We we traded up (or down, depending on your POV) to a minivan we got a DVD player and flip down screen installed. I don’t know our parents made long trips with 2 or 3 bored kids in the backseat. We measure trips now not in miles, but in the number of 90 minute movies it will take to arrive at our destination.

Phibian says:

Re: Re: Reading in the car

I was never allowed to read books in the car, because I got carsick, and my parents got sick of cleaning up the car.

Something about the motion coupled with having one’s head down. Generally, movies don’t cause the same motion sickness – so I wouldn’t necessarily say that a preference for videos in the car is a sign that people don’t read.

Anonymous Coward says:

No Subject Given

I was driving behind a minivan a few months ago that had one of the ones that flip down from the ceiling. I was surprised at how distracting I found it. Since it’s mounted so high it’s easily visible to other vehicles. It was actually quite annoying having the screen flashing in my peripheral vision. It would seem manufacturers put some thought into the design of the system such that it doesn’t distract the driver of the minivan but I wonder if there’s any design consideration for drivers of other vehicles around the van?

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