Tech Boom Has Ended, But Ireland Still Benefitting

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During the tech boom, there were plenty of stories about how Ireland was capitalizing on its good relationship with many American tech firms to turn itself into a tech powerhouse. Well, now that the tech boom has turned to bust, technology jobs are much harder to find in Ireland, but

overall, the country is still benefiting from the bets it made in the technology world, which have helped (in part) to turn the country around. Many Irish technologists used to assume that they would need to leave the country to get jobs, but that no longer seems to be the case.

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Comments on “Tech Boom Has Ended, But Ireland Still Benefitting”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

Could they become leaders of pro-morality software

As it stands, the internet is full of moral degeneracy. Since “censorship” is such a bad word in the USA or England, we haven’t built very good tools for coping with this yet.

Ireland is an English-speaking country with conservative moral values. The Irish constitution specifically forbids abortion, says women cannot be forced to work, and divorce can only be done under certain conditions:

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