Public Floods Copyright Office With Fair Use Requests

from the they-asked-for-it dept

Back in October, the US Copyright Office asked the public for comments on what items should be exempted from coverage by the DMCA for fair use rights. The news, very quickly, got picked up by all sorts of tech and civil liberties groups, and if they know how to do anything, it’s how to comment… The EFF says that, by themselves, they helped more people comment on the DMCA than the total number of people who commented the last time this came up for review. That’s not really too surprising, considering the additional attention the DMCA has received over the past two years. To be honest, despite the headline claiming that the Copyright Office was “flooded”, it doesn’t sound like the 245 comments EFF helped submit is that overwhelming. Still, hopefully, it will make the point about some of the weaknesses of the DMCA’s anti-circumvention rules.

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