More Online Ads Use Sound

from the it's-terrible dept

This is something I’ve noticed lately, and it may be even more annoying that pop-up ads. It’s the online ads that make use of sound. When I surf the web, I tend to open a large number of broswer windows at once, and then start going back to them. Just a little while ago, I had about 10 browser windows open and my computer started talking to me about “relocating” to somewhere in Canada. That’s the last thing I care about, and it’s interrupting my work. I always feel the need to go find the talking ad and figure out how to silence it – which isn’t always possible. No matter what, it’s a waste of my time and makes me feel nothing but anger towards the advertiser. I like keeping my speakers on, but if this keeps up, I will turn them off to keep my own sanity.

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