More On The Color Danger Hiptop

Earlier this week there was a lot of attention around the fact that Danger Research was getting ready to launch a color Hiptop in Europe. At the time, we pointed out that they wanted to keep it quiet so that sales wouldn’t stall in the US for the monochrome version. Well, once a story like that gets out, it’s tough to keep quiet… So, now it looks like Danger CEO Hank Nothhaft is trying to do a little damage control to protect sales in the US by saying that the color device they showed is only a demo and hasn’t been approved for anything by the FCC. Basically, trying to take some of the heat off and make it seem like it won’t be ready for a while. Of course, the reality is that Danger could have it ready relatively soon – but they don’t want to release it until they’re basically completely out of the monochrome devices. So, if you’re will to settle for the monochrome devices, you can pick them up these days for free. Clearly, someone wants to get them off the shelves…

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