More On Gunshot Detection

from the there-are-ears-above-you dept

Joe Schmoe writes in with a link that is basically a followup story to a story we had a few months ago about remote sensors that can be used to detect the location of gunshots. The idea is for police or military uses, but I can see how it could easily be expand in the same way that security cameras work. Forget security cameras, why not get security “ears”? Pop in some voice recognition, and you could catch people on the street just talking about the crimes they plan to commit.

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Comments on “More On Gunshot Detection”

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dorpus says:

Or sound generators

I’ve read some reports that suggest infra-sound (frequencies so low the ear cannot perceive them) can cause heightened emotions in people — more positive if they are positive, more negative if they are negative. Or it can make people sense a ghostly presence nearby, a “gut feeling” (literally)

Sense of touch is a fascinating thing. We all have hundreds of micro-perceptions of touch that most of us ignore. I’m a contact juggler and feel like I’ve enhanced this aspect of our existence.

some dude says:

Already used in military

Military humvees already use this tech to determine the origin of incoming fire.

The .50 cal turret uses small mics to pinpoint the source of gunshots. When activated, the system automatically aims the turret and gun towards the sound and fires a few rounds without any manual action taken by the soldier manning the gun.

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