Will HotOrNot Sue Are You Hot?

from the how-hot-will-the-lawsuit-be? dept

I’ve met James Hong, one of the founders of the popular “HotOrNot” website, a couple of times through some friends. So, last week, when I first heard about the new ABC TV show “Are You Hot?”, I sent him a quick email to ask if ABC had paid them any money for the idea. The TV show (and, yes, it sounds dreadful) is basically an exact replica of HotOrNot, put on TV. They even let viewers vote on how “hot” the final contestants are. James didn’t reply, but I guess that’s because they’re contemplating a lawsuit against “Are You Hot?”, not for stealing the idea – but for using the phrase “hot or not?”.

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Comments on “Will HotOrNot Sue Are You Hot?”

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1 Comment
Duffman says:

Funny story

This doesn’t have to do with the story, but with the show. My friend and his girlfriend were watching it the other night, and one of the guys was saying that one thing people don’t know about him was that he was quite intelligent. He then went on to comment that, “I think people are afraid to conversate with me because they
don’t think I would be intelligent.”

As my friend said, it really embiggened my opinion of reality television to hear such cromulent dialogue.

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