Valenti's Claim A Bust – Again

from the that-won't-stop-him... dept

Duffman writes “As has been seen before, Jack Valenti will say almost anything to prove his point (valid or not). Well, one graduate researcher decided to test his claim that “…in digital piracy, with the click of a mouse a twelve year-old can send a film hurtling around the world.” His conclusions? Logically, that HDTV broadcasts cannot be recorded and transmitted in any reasonable amount of time or cost. Under current capabilities, anyway. Found on Metafilter.” Valenti has a long history of ignoring the facts to prove his point. When confronted with the ways in which he’s wrong, he never answers the question, but just keeps on talking. It’s amazing that the MPAA still employs someone who doesn’t bother to actually listen to what people tell him – especially when his refusal to listen is going to hurt the movie industry.

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Comments on “Valenti's Claim A Bust – Again”

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aReader says:

No Subject Given

Sometime I think, Valenti does this just because it is the only way to get some attention. I don’t think, he claims something because it is true (to him) but he claims so that he gets a chance for a confrontation — just a chance, he does not really want to confront. He is not interested in answering any questions and why should he — he is not paid to listen to the people. He is paid to tell people what MPAA tell hims to do. MPAA does not want to hear what people have to say; they want to see (in their dreams) people follow what is being told to them.

Mark Fox says:

Tests are valid for today's tech on HDTV movies

Firstly the quote was about DivXed movies – not about uncompressed HDTV movies. That’s a factor 30 to 40 in size.

Seconldy I bet somebody did the exact same sort of tests to see how long it would take to send a whole music CD over a 2400 bps modem. Their conclusion would be that its impossible. Now we can send MP3s over DSL or cable lines.

If something is impossible now, you shouldn’t assume it will always be that way.

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