South Australia Wants A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur In Residence

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There have been so many places that at one time or another announced how they were going to become the “Silicon Valley” of wherever they were. What’s surprising is that, despite the tech downturn, there are still places making those claims. The latest is South Australia, which is going a step further, and looking for some successful residents of Silicon Valley to come to South Australia for a few months and spread their “magic” as an “entrepreneur in residence”. Apparently, no one from South Australia has been in Silicon Valley lately… I would imagine, though, that there are a few people who wouldn’t mind leaving the Valley for a few months (and $100,000) to hang out on the beaches in South Australia.

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Comments on “South Australia Wants A Silicon Valley Entrepreneur In Residence”

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dorpus says:

Mascot job

If Australians are serious about wanting to create a silicon valley, they’d hire a marine drill sergeant type to kick their butts and make them take life seriously. Australia is a lot like California of the 1960s, when California used to be a mostly white, lazy place of beach bums and pot smoking hippies. Now, of course, it’s a cut-throat pressure cooker where only overachieving yuppies and desperate immigrants survive. Australians will have to learn more hard lessons of life before they take life seriously; for now, they’re still just spoiled little America bashers.

dorpus says:

Re: Re: Mascot job

Well I think it’s constructive criticism. There are reasons why they need to catch up. They have prettier scenery than CA (for now) because they’re not as crowded as we are yet. Having a more homogeneous population than CA (for now), they have a more genteel culture of Anglo civility, but it’s also led to a less competitive, more smug culture.

dorpus says:

Re: No Subject Given

There are pros and cons to competitiveness. We seem to be more competitive than other Western nations, though we are not the most competitive culture in the world either. East Asian cultures have more extreme competition where people more overtly judge each other based on education, income, height, etc. Such cultures produce more engineers and businessmen, but it also leads to a more cruel culture where there is little sympathy for the downtrodden.

In the USA, we have institutions of charity and social work to help the downtrodden. Such notions are alien to East Asian cultures; in East Asia, Buddhist temples are places where people pay money to pray for better test scores, better salaries, better marriage prospects.

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