Motorola Gives In To The Darkside?

The biggest weakness in Microsoft’s wireless strategy has been the lack of major handset maker support. The only company to sign up has been Samsung, which has basically decided to develop hardware for all the major OSs. Handset makers are understandably worried MS will marginalize them in the same it marginalized PC makers. But now Motorola says that working with MS is inevitable. Of all the handset makers, Motorola has had the least clear smartphone OS strategy. They are a Symbian founder, but when was the last time you heard them even mention Symbian? Their java based Acommpli 009 never shipped. These days their platform of choice is Linux. It seems like they are so confused a this point they are simply giving in to MS. And that is exactly what MS is great at. They can stay in the game longer than anyone and slowly wear their opponents down. Maybe MS should just buy Motorola and then really go after Nokia.

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