Finland Passes U.S. As The Most Tech-Friendly Nation

from the time-to-move-to-Finland? dept

The latest Global Information Technology Report from the World Economic Forum, the World Bank and INSEAD says that Finland has passed the US as the world’s most tech-friendly nation. To be honest, I was surprised that the US had been the most tech-friendly nation with some of the backwards policies that we’re used to here. Of course, it’s tough to tell how useful or accurate such a study is, since it seems to rely on some subjective criteria about how individuals, businesses and governments use technology – as well as what types of regulations they have. The regulation issue is the toughest, as some regulations may be friendly to some technologies, but troublesome for others. Anyway, the US still comes in at number 2, which makes you wonder just how bad the other countries are. The following eight countries (in order) are: Singapore, Sweden, Iceland, Canada, Britain, Denmark, Taiwan and Germany.

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Comments on “Finland Passes U.S. As The Most Tech-Friendly Nation”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

How about human cost?

What country is the most open to technology, in the sense of letting jobs move elsewhere? We’d probably rank tops for that.

But, high tech industry does certainly pollute the environment, despite propaganda to the contrary. What country is more willing to accept hexachromium cyanide waste? The “top 10” would probably rank as the bottom 10 as far as willing to deal with the pollution.

China probably ranks tops for willing to accept the destructive consequences of advancing their society. They’re in the process of relocating millions of people for their Three Gorges Dam. Although, once China becomes a middle class nation, it will probably become all smug and complacent, then places like India or Africa will be more willing to advance at all costs.

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