Vinod Khosla On The Hard Times In Silicon Valley

from the the-down-to-earth-VC dept

From everything I’ve heard over the years about Vinod Khosla, he’s always seemed like a lot more of a “down to earth” VC, who wasn’t as likely to get carried away by hype. This Newsweek interview with Khosla seems to support those impressions. He talks about the “fear and greed” cycle that makes most VC funds tick, and gives his opinion on various hyped sectors like wireless (he doesn’t like anything there) and biotech (he’s worried about the hype level). He still enjoys being a VC – and even thinks it’s a better time to be one now than during the boom. He claims (but, really, what VC doesn’t?) that he’s more excited by the prospect of building new companies than in figuring out how to cash out.

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