Networking Features Score Hit With Gamers

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With every other article about online games these days trashing things like the Sims Online, it’s interesting to read of an online gaming “success story” (even if it happens to be from Microsoft). Apparently, the Xbox Live service has been beating all sorts of expectations. More people than expected have signed up, and they’re playing for longer than expected. Best yet, it seems they’re playing during “primetime hours” – meaning they’re taking away viewers from popular TV shows. Of course, I imagine it won’t be long until there’s some crazy backlash against these things with storis coming out about how addictive these online console games are, with an example or two of kids who lock themselves in their rooms for days and days. The thing that’s more interesting, though, is how players seem to build a real community amongst themselves when they play each other online. Since this is still a very early version, it will be interesting to see how Microsoft and the other console makers expand the community aspect of online console gaming.

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