Yet Another Spammer Profile

from the sounds-like-he's-getting-tired dept

Over the past year or so it’s become popular for various newspapers to write a “spammer profile”, where they talk about a spammer who will try (poorly) to defend what they do, as well as talk about how big a house they live in. It seems that they’re running out of spammers to talk to, because we’re starting to hit repeats. This one is about Ronnie Scelson, who has been profiled before. He makes the typical idiotic comments: “What I do is not illegal. There’s nothing wrong with it. It’s a form of advertising — the only form that is totally environmentally safe. You push one button and it’s gone.” Everyone knows the standard responses to idiots who spout this sort of thing, so I won’t even bother going through it. However, the rest of the article is interesting – as he’s clearly scaling back his operations as anti-spammers really have gotten to him. A little encouragement for those who are working to stop spammers.

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Comments on “Yet Another Spammer Profile”

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mski says:

Ronnie Scelson

why don’t we find out where these spamers live (physical home address) and have everyone start sending these people everything free under the sun. like free magazines, cd, coupons, etc. imagaine if a spammer started getting 100,000 pieces of mail every day! there could be a spammers list out there that people could check and when they have time have things sent to them. no this list would be a piece of spam i would not be opposed to getting.

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