DICE/EarthWeb Files For Chapter 11

from the another-star-collapses dept

Another of the big name, overhyped, dot coms from the dot com era has declared bankruptcy. DICE, which was formerly EarthWeb has filed for bankruptcy, but says they’ll keep operating and come out of it as a private company. The company has gone through a bunch of changes over the years, but were one of the bigger companies in the really early days of the dot com boom. The biggest thing I remember about them, though, was that they were the first dot com to go public after the “mini-bust” of 1998. Many people don’t remember that late summer into fall of 1998, it was nearly impossible for dot coms to go public and many pulled their offerings. EarthWeb pushed through in November, and surprised everyone with a huge leap. That leap convinced another NY dot com, TheGlobe.com to put their IPO back on track, and they went public one or two days later, with the largest first day leap ever (which made everyone forget EarthWeb’s IPO). Well, now both companies are bankrupt.

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