Bad Timing Could Be Good Luck For Technology Startup

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A topic that has come up a few times over the past couple of years is that “real” entrepreneurs don’t care if there’s a downturn on – and, in fact, may thrive in such an environment. Everything is much cheaper now. People, offices, services… everything. The Associated Press is running a story about a San Francisco startup trying to get by in the downturn as if they’re the only company doing so. They’re not (though, they apparently have good PR people – this is the second time we’ve written about them). There are plenty of new startups chugging along these days, who are doing what real entrepreneurs do: taking advantage of an opportunity. If they can come up with a good product and a good business model, now is the time to do it. Without having a big VC-backed cushion, companies are forced to keep their expenses down and really focus on selling a product that makes money. It builds much stronger companies.

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Comments on “Bad Timing Could Be Good Luck For Technology Startup”

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Grier Graham says:

Media Retreds

This is one of two blogs on tech dirct right now where the same old companies keep popping up in the media. It’s no accident and it’s probably not even great PR. The sad truth is it’s probably lazy journalists. The ugly secret is that for a lot of people this is a me too business. That means the way they get their ideas and “create” news is by recyling other people’s stuff.

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