Reiter's Wireless Revolution

As wireless industry observers go Alan Reiter isn’t known for being easily impressed or given to hype. So I almost did a double take when I read his latest blog post: “I believe that:? Wireless + color + cameras/camcorders + user-created content = A wireless revolution.” His belief is that camera phones will succeed because it gives users a new content creation tool. This actually fits quite well with our read on the results of a recent 3G application study. That study indicated that consumer were much more willing to pay for 3G services that enhanced their ability to communicate than services that merely delivered content. I’ve written before that I believe MMS is about more than just picture messaging, it’s a rich application platform. I still believe that. But self-generated content lays the foundation for packaged content. And in the end only a very select group of packaged content will be big hits. People aren’t going to spend $.50 to receive a weather report with a radar image.

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