Out With The Old Computer? It's Not So Simple

from the just-can't-ditch-it dept

There have been a ton of stories about people not knowing what to do with their old computers, and whether or not it was okay to just throw them out (it’s not). However, many people simply end up keeping their old computers, collecting dust in the corner (don’t ask how many I have right now). According to this NY Times article, in some cases, people keep their old computers because they can’t figure out how to move data off of it to a new computer. So… just in case they need that information, they need to keep the old machines around. Some people (such as myself) spend a few hours moving important data over to a new computer when they get one. Others simply start fresh each time they get a new machine. But, some, keep the old machines for old data and software, and use the new machines for new things. It’s sort of a weird digital time line. There are also people who have a sentimental connection with their old computers, and find them hard to ditch. Computers can be very personal. You spend plenty of time with them, and type all sorts of things into them. It feels weird to just throw them out.

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Comments on “Out With The Old Computer? It's Not So Simple”

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Ben says:

I am one of these idiots

Yep I’m a moron. I have three computers. Two working currently (Mac & PC) and one older Mac collecting dust. I fall somewhere in between the strange digital timeline comment by Mike and just being to lazy to move over my older files. I’m waiting for Bob Villa to start a show to explain what I can do with it. “This Old Mac” or something like that. I honestly have no idea what to do with it. I dont need the hardware or computing power. The files coulddn’t possibly be that important to me since I haven’t plugged my old Mac in for 6 months. All advice is welcome.

Ryan says:

Re: Another moron here

I have the same thing with old cell phones, I have a bout 5 old cell phones in total (I actually gave away one to my ex-girlfriend and one just stopped working so I threw it away). I tend to keep them for a bunch of different reasons, their easy to keep old numbers in, its always nice to have a back-up and I use different phones in different countries (I keep bouncing between the US and UK). I have a feeling we just don’t like getting rid of our prized tech toys!

Mike says:

Re: Another moron here, Maybe'!

I think these Computers can be donated if you can, Or offer it to a family member like a brother with kids or a cousin. We think these computers are useless, but think again, Anyone starting a small bussiness can start with Slow PC’s until the Business starts picking up.

We can blame the industry and Bill Gates for pushing the issue of “we need Win-Xp”. But is all for the purpose to keep us spending money unecesary. For some reason I will love to see these Old Computer to be tranfered to Africa to help educate the poor population, but it seems like USA greedy Goverment does not like the idea of educated negroes.

As a fact and proven, I know any PC is still worth something, as I tested many systems, I noticed all you need to do get the right Windows version for the right CPU speed.

But anyway in conclusion, buying a new faster PC is a waste of money these days because the barrier of speed had been broken. 700 megahertz is all we needed for today and the next 100 years. If you all knew is all a game of numbers, 2.5 GHZ, 1.8 GHZ, 1.2, 3.1, yada yada yada.

Recently I demostrated to a group of students on how good is an Old 286 PC is. I installed DOS 6.X and software, games and everyone was amazed. I use actually a Pentium 2, 266 MHZ 64RAM and I do internet, Games and Movies DVD’s; still I have not bought a PC in 4 years.

All im waithing is for an offer from Uncle Sam; Here Mike, take this building, here is some money, fix these trash PC’s and let’s ship them to Africa, India where ever. You think I will happend ?? Pssss let’s pray 😉

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