TiVo As The Ultimate Script Doctor

from the now-that's-a-useful-suggestion dept

While most people who have and love their TiVo’s (or similar PVR devices) talk about how they skip commercials or use it to watch shows at different times, here’s another suggestion for ways that TiVo can make your TV watching experience so much better. Every TV show has its slow points – so instead of just fast forwarding through the commercials, you can fast forward through the parts of the shows you don’t like. The writer says he’s gotten the (officially) hour-long Alias down to a cool 34 minutes. Content-free shows like Joe Millionaire can be handled in a breezey 7 minutes. Forget “interactive TV” gimmicks like “pick your own endings”. With current technology you can skip around to the best parts of any TV show and still have plenty of time leftover. If TiVo started advertising this fact, maybe they’d sell more than the 30 or so boxes the writer claims they’ve sold (yes, he’s exaggerating).

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