Leaving Reality Behind: The Battle For The Soul Of The Internet

from the sounds-interesting dept

Someone anonymous sent in a series of links to different reviews of a new book called, Leaving Reality Behind: Etoy Vs Etoys.Com & Other Battles to Control Cyberspace. Sounds like an interesting find. As you may recall, there was a huge court fight as to whether or not eToys (the online toy seller) had the right to the etoy.com domain (despite it being registered years before eToys existed). eToys was especially upset that people might arrive at the etoy.com page (run by a group of artists), which they found to be “offensive, depraved, insane, obscene, prurient, perverse, destructive, anarchistic, rebellious and anti-social”. The book, apparently, doesn’t really take sides, but presents both sides in an interesting parallel – showing how both were completely insistent on how right they were, and profiling the various characters involved.

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