Let Employees Surf From Work – They Make It Up

from the some-common-sense dept

In the continuing debate over whether or not companies need to actively monitor and/or block employee surfing habits, there’s always this assumption that any non-work activity done at the office must be “bad”. This simply isn’t true. Using a little down time to take care of some non-work related tasks, or to blow off some steam seems to keep people more focused and more productive. Now, a new study adds to the reasons why employers should stop complaining about employees who surf at the office. It turns out that people who surf at work for personal reasons tend to spend even more time sufing at home for work reasons. As long as employees are getting the job done, don’t worry so much about what they’re doing every minute of the day. It’s amazing how far a little trust can go.

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Comments on “Let Employees Surf From Work – They Make It Up”

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Josh Wilson says:

internet at work

ok listen i know its not cool to be on the internet at work but when it helps you concentrate and be relaxed, it helps your working habits. i myself am still in school and i listne to music while on the computer and it breaks my uptightness of being in school. i get everything done and i am one of the smartest kids in the class. so if you ask me, i think it helps if anything.

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