The Latest In ePaper: Must Find Marketable Products

from the it's-a-struggle dept

The two “big” companies in electronic paper products touted huge visions during the boom years, which let them raise lots of cash. They talked about how they were building “the last book you would ever need”, since it would be a single sheet of paper, that would constantly display whatever you wanted it to. These days, however, huge visions aren’t worth very much if they don’t come along with products that can be sold for cash right now. So, as both companies are noticing that their bank accounts are dwindling, they’re looking to commercialize some products (any products), just to keep moving. One company, Gyricon, is focusing on electronic signs, while the other, E Ink says that they’ve been there and done that with little success. They’ve given up on their electronic sign business, and are now focusing on an ebook reader and a mysterious “wearable information display” (the article guesses that it’s a watch).

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