Handhelds, Business-Casual, And Cubicles At Anchorage Charter School

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In Anchorage Alaska this week, school officials have approved a plan for a new charter school that will have students in cubicles, wearing business casual clothing, and toting handheld computers. It’s sort of a vocational school for business-inclined kids. While it will handle students in grades 7 through 12, there won’t be a regular yearly progression from grade to grade, as each student will get to progress (or not??) at their own level. I guess it’s sort of a young capitalist’s school. The idea is that students who graduate can go on to college, or can just go straight into the business world, prepared to work in an office environment.

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Comments on “Handhelds, Business-Casual, And Cubicles At Anchorage Charter School”

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dorpus says:

Done before

Ten years ago, I remember seeing a news blurb on an inner city school where kids had virtual bank accounts, had to get virtual jobs, went to a student court if they broke the “law”.

There are a lot of weird alternative schools out there. The problem with specialized secondary educations is that it limits the students’ potential should they decide to go into another field. Not everyone wants to become an office clone.

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