CLECs: Back From The Dead?

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For the past few years, conventional wisdom has said that the Telecommunications Act of 1996 was set up so badly that it killed off the competitive local exchange carriers (CLECs), who were supposed to be the “new, competitive phone companies” that would grow the telecom world by offering newer and better services through competition with the baby bells. Of course, now most of them are out of business. Instead of blaming the telecom act, however, this article says it was just good old fashioned competition and bad decision making that killed off so many CLECs – and that the remaining few are poised to do well over the next few years. They point out that, with the opening up of the Baby Bell’s networks, many CLECs started offering undifferentiated services, and it’s tough to stay in business without any compelling competitive advantage. Meanwhile, during the boom years, they also invested heavily in capacity and back-office systems, and when they couldn’t find enough customers for their services, they started discounting everything to the point where they were losing money on every deal they signed. This basically suggests that the CLECs competed themselves out of business. However, now, the article predicts, with the competitive market cleaned out, CLECs have a real opportunity to build a strong business.

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Comments on “CLECs: Back From The Dead?”

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1 Comment
LittleW0lf says:

The real point?

So what they are trying to state is that competition doesn’t work and the only way to truly run an enterprise is via a monopoly then, huh? Hmmm… No wonder Microsoft is so innovative, customizable, and good for business.

I guess what we really need now is a law which makes competition illegal, since the Telecommunications Act worked so flawlessly in this regards.

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