High Tech Workers Are Still Stressed

from the where's-all-that-IPO-wealth dept

It’s only been a couple months since the last study telling us that high tech workers were stressed out, so do we really need yet another study talking about stressed out techies? This one says that, at the end of the day, techies have little emotional energy left for their families, friends, or community activities – with the stress levels being even worse for women than for men. Of course, I don’t think this should be much of a surprise to anyone. The economy sucks (that’s stressful), layoffs are everywhere (that’s stressful) meaning that employees are suddenly being expected to handle a lot more work (that’s stressful) for less pay (that’s stressful) without any sort of job security (yeah, stressful) or hope of the potential IPO wealth that used to make it all seem worthwhile. And, oh yeah, the country might be going to war. Stressed out? Emotionally drained? What a surprise.

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