Hutchinson's 3 Overhyping Their New Service

It seems that the folks at Hutchinson’s still dreadfully named “3” 3G wireless service company still haven’t gotten it through their heads that overhyping wireless data services is a bad idea. This article quotes their director of marketing claiming that the introduction of their service will be just like the launch of the television. Haven’t they realized that people are sick of all the various claims that the wireless carriers have made without delivering? Meanwhile, the main point of the article is that 3 has signed up Reuters to provide news to customers using the service. Considering the fact that Reuters supplies news to just about everyone, this isn’t really a big surprise or all that noteworthy – but that doesn’t mean Hutchinson and 3 won’t promote the hell out of it. At the same time, I wonder why this is necessary. If the 3G service is so great, so revolutionary and so fast, shouldn’t people be able to surf whereever they want on the internet without having to be limited to the specific content that 3 has signed on with?

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