Norwegian Student Fined for Online Music Piracy

from the bad-reporting dept

While the story here is about a Norwegian student who has been fined for music piracy, the reason I wanted to post it was to complain about reporters talking about things they don’t seem to understand. This article says that the student, Frank Bruvik, broke the law by making “his own version” of Napster’s website. Making his own version of the Napster website has nothing to do with music piracy. Napster was a software program that let people share music over the internet. It actually had nothing to do with the web. The article doesn’t make it at all clear, but it sounds like this kid just put up a website at that had links to song downloads (though, this may not be true). That’s completely different from Napster. As for the ruling itself, apparently, the judge said that it’s not illegal to download the actual music, just to distribute the links, which seems pretty damn backwards. If anything is illegal at all (and I don’t think anything here should be illegal) shouldn’t it be the part that actually breaks the copyright law? Either way, he’s going to appeal the decision.

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Comments on “Norwegian Student Fined for Online Music Piracy”

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Steve Snyder says:

not getting it

Yeah, kinda related to the whole deep linking thing. So many people just don’t seem to get that putting a link to another website is just a pointer–just like printing an address. If a website is doing something illegal then that’s fine, charge them with a crime, but don’t go after someone who links to them.

Time and time again, there is this tendency from lawmakers, the media, and uninformed people to make all these new laws for the internet–when all it takes is a little common sence to see that on the vast majority of issues, the internet really isn’t different that any other media at least from a legal stantpoint.

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