10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World

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dsg writes in with a link to this Technology Review article about ten emerging technologies they believe will change the world. Some interesting predictions in the bunch. Mixed in with obvious predictions like “grid computing” are slightly more obscure things like “nano solar cells”. These types of articles are always popular in January, and while no one ever seems to look back and see how accurate they are, they’re still fun to read just to get your mind thinking about the possibilities.

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Comments on “10 Emerging Technologies That Will Change the World”

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1 Comment
Steve Snyder says:


I haven’t gotten to the article yet, but just had to comment that actually love him or hate him, this is one great thing about Bob Cringley. Every year, before making his predictions, he actually does reveiew last year’s predictions and how he fared. (He’s usually right around 70%) But with that exception, I have to agree that pretty much everyone else makes their predictions and typically the more outlandish & far fetched the more attention they get, yet almost none of them ever step up & take accountability for them later.

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