Entertainment Center Windows (No, The Glass Kind)

from the Microsoft-lawyers-must-be-shaking-in-their-loafers dept

Imagine that. Here’s an article that talks about amazing technological advances in windows for home entertainment and has absolutely nothing to do with Microsoft. It’s an article talking about advances in the glass kind of windows (you know, the ones that let you look outside), that will let them become a part of your entertainment center. Window companies are coming up with all sorts of advancements, including a bay window system that one minute will let you look outside, and then with the flip of a switch will turn into a screen where you can project a movie. The side windows turn into speakers (either transparent or opaque – your choice). For the foreseeable future, these seem more like gimmick devices (or ostentatious displays of wealth), but some wonder if they’ll make their way into more reasonable architecural designs in the future. Suddenly, you’ll be able to design your living room so that the seating faces outward, letting people enjoy the nice view – but when it’s time to watch a movie, you just frost the glass over and let the entertainment begin.

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